Thursday, 9 February 2012


It was my friend's marriage and a few of us had planned to go together. We had to reach mattancherry town hall by 12:30 pm. We had planned to meet at Shenoys bus stop by 11 am and then go by the low floor bus at 11:10 am. But as a few of us were late by a minute or two, we missed the bus. Then according to the "advice" of an autorickshaw driver, we took an autorickshaw to the ernakulam bus stand. And contrary to what the "knowledgeable" uncle had said there were no buses available to either Fort cochin or to mattancherry. It was then that the Newton in us woke up and gave us an idea of taking a boat to mattancherry (it clicked when we travelled a little in the sun just like Newton got the idea when an apple fell on his head). And, we took another autorickshaw to the boat jetty and on reaching there we realized that we missed our boat by a second or two and then we had to wait for the next boat, which was at 12:15 pm. By god's grace, in spite of all these, we managed to get to the place on time. After the marriage, one of my friends and me went Kottakkal as I had to get some medicines. Then we got into a low floor from there. When we reached half way, i got a call from my sister telling me that they are going for shopping. I thought if they would leave, I would have to sit at home all alone and so I told them I'll come along. And since they were already at the bus stop, they told me that they'll get into the same bus that I am in and I agreed. It was only after got in that I realized my dad was not coming as there was painting going on in our house and it had not got over yet. And to add to it, we had to get down at the same bus stop from where I got into the bus. It meant I roamed around the city in the same bus. The conductor occassionally came to my seat and gave me look like "hey what you doing here? aren't you getting down?". Also, with every passing stop he would look if I got down as if telling me that I forgot to get down at my stop. My sister and I had a hearty laugh seeing all his expressions.

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