Wednesday, 17 June 2015

A moment of change..... A lovely change......

It was a tiring day. As usual I was back from college and lay on my cosy bed along with my sissy. We were chit chatting when I slept off in the midst of the talk. The tick tock was on 5. By the time I woke up it was 7:30 and I found myself alone in the room. Before I came out completely from my dreamland, I saw Amma n Cheta holding Chechy and she was crying out of pain. I couldn't figure out what is happening and by the time my brain started functioning again, Acha had come home and Amma n Cheta got ready to take Chechy to the hospital. By about 9 Cheta called in to say that it was labour pain and the surgery can happen any moment - the doc. was on her way. I was filled with emotions. I wanted to be there but was helpless. Each second was moving like it happens in movies. The wait was over by 11. At 11:02 n 11:03 were born my lil kiddus..... I was filled with happiness but the first thing came out while Amma gave me the news were tears. I cried uncontrollably to be with the babies as they were to be kept in the NICU for the coming few days as they had jumped out into the world before their appointment date and no visitors were allowed there except the babies' parents. I had to wait for about two weeks to see them and hold them but it was as though....... I don't know how to explain....... As Nivin Pauly says in Thattathin Marayathu vaavaye kayyileduthaal pinne chuttumullathonnum kaanula sireeee.......

Its been 4 months and 5 days since their birth and now every second in my life is filled with them. They may not be near me, but 24x7 I see them, hear them and feel them....... The process of maturation has begun......  ;)

Saturday, 17 January 2015

खोये रिश्ते ||

बचपन की गलियां छूट जाती हैं
पर दिल की कलिया खिलती रहती हैं |

तुम रहे ना हमारे साथ 
फिर भी रहे इस दिल में |

खुशियां हो या घम
याद रहते है तुम हर दम |

आँखों में है इंतज़ार उस दिन का
जब गूंजेंगे हसी दिल से |
होगा यह  दिन मिलन का
हमारी तुम्हारी और खुशियों की ||