Friday, 30 March 2012

Memory forever.....

School days are one of the most memorable days of most of our lives. Even my school days were the best until my 10th standard. Everyday was worth cherishing, specially 9th and 10th classes. Our class was a united class where there were no gang fights, no separate thought, no differences. But one fine morning, as three of us, Heera, Hari and me, were talking, another one of my friend, Razee came in and called Hari and went to a side. They talked to each other for a moment and after a few seconds Hari came to us and continued talking but he seemed a bit annoyed. When we enquired what the problem was, he said there is nothing but while we were talking, he asked both of us if we said any of our class matters to our juniors and both of us said "no". The topic ended there. But from that day on all boys of our class stopped talking to us. First none of us girls noticed it but later this grew into a class division - boys on a side and girls on another. If someone from the boys' side cracked a joke, girls never responded and if someone from the girls' side cracked a joke, boys never responded. This went on for about two weeks. Then we decided to take the first step to solve this. One day when we got a free time we called Deepak, one of our classmates who actually didn't have a problem talking to us, and asked him what was all this about and why were all other boys angry with us. He said he didn't know really what the problem was but seeing our frustrated faces another one of our friends, SP (Sanjay) told us that he didn't know exactly what had happened but from what he knew the real problem was that someone from among us (girls, of course) had spread our class secret to our juniors and they were taunting Razee. BREAKING NEWS!!! Now, none of us had said anything to anyone and we were all the more confused. After SP left, we kept asking each other what was this all about.
So you must be wondering what is all this "secret" about? Well, it so happened that our class boys had found a pair for most of our classmates as they were jobless. This had been done while we were in the 6th or 7th and none of us girls had any clue about this until finally in 8th when they started teasing their friends with their respective girl "pair". After getting to know who was paired with whom, we girls also were not ready to give up. We retained some of the pairs and created some new ourselves too. And, sincerely speaking, all of enjoyed teasing each other and there were no issues regarding this but it was not meant to leave the classroom. Now, while we were thinking hard as in who would be the traitor in our class, there enters our messenger Deepak with the whole story. And after listening to the whole saga, nearly all of us got a heart attack and I was among the first who got it. Reason??? I was named the traitor. The story was that I had told my friends in the school bus to tease Razee with one of my friends and this spread on so much that nearly half the school is behind him, pulling his leg. Even though at first this came as a shock to me, the next moment I found it funny as I didn't know myself that I had told something like this to anyone. But even though we tried convincing the boys, they never listened. Slowly, I started feeling bad that unknowingly I had been the reason for a fight in our class. But my friends stood by me and then came our "middle man", Sachin, who was neither interested in the fight nor the reason behind it. I had spoken to him about the matter in detail as he had missed many things due to his sports practice and he agreed to solve it once he comes for the Christmas celebration..... It was our Christmas day celebration and while the whole school was enjoying, there was utter silence in our class. It was then Sachin came and sat on a desk where all girls were standing as a group as if ready to pounce. He called the attention of all boys and asked loudly to me if I had committed such a big "crime" and I replied "NO". He asked the boys if they had some problem with us and they said they didn't. Next he asked us and we also said we didn't have any and never had before too. He shrugged his shoulders and said "This was all? The problem is solved". All of us stood blinking our eyes thinking "Was this so simple?" Thinking of this now, it seems so meaningless, funny and silly but it has always remained an unerasable memory of my school days. They say it right - people may change, feelings may change, surrounding may change but memories always remain static.