Sunday, 22 July 2012


I knew I didn't like darkness but I never realized I was so scared of darkness until last week. The power went off at 12 midnight one day and as is my "latest routine", I sleep very late usually by 12 or 1 and even on that day I was up late. I was about to go to bed after switching off the television when suddenly the power went off and I started getting a feeling that someone is beside me, just like they feel in movies. And, to add to my fear, every dog in our locality started barking and howling. However, my fear lessened when I held the small Lord Krishna's idol, which I always carry with me, close to my heart. But more than the Bad Spirits Roaming thought, I was afraid if some thieves broke into our house. These thoughts gave me the idea that I heard footsteps in the hall and also the sound of someone breathing hard. The next thing I knew was that I was on my bed, holding my Lord Krishna in my hands tightly and praying for the power to come and Whoa!! The power came :). I got out of the bed, switched off the lights I had left on before the power went and crawled back to bed as swiftly as possible but the fear left so much an impact that I had to plug in my mobile headphones and had to hold my Lord Krishna even more tightly to get some sleep. Still, I thank god for not scaring me for long...........

Saturday, 14 July 2012


A humble try on poetry
please do leave your suggestions as comments

In a Night so quiet,
At a place so Beautiful,
You will take me along,
Away from The World's sight.

Pain and Sorrow however might
make me Weak,
You will take me along,
To a Better place.

A hope so Bright,
An unexpected Gift,
Oh! My dearest Friend,
You are the Light of my Life.....